How Do You Become a BeautiControl Consultant?


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BeautiControl sells starter kits and offers training sessions to people who are interested in starting their own business with the company. The kits must be purchased to become a consultant, and they contain products and training material that help beginners set up a successful business.

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A consultant must find a sponsor consultant to plan parties where the products are sold. Sponsors can be found on the BeautiControl website. Once a sponsor is obtained, products parties are arranged to build a customer base and generate revenue. There are quotas to meet per month in order to maintain access as a BeautiControl business.

One way to book parties is to let a possible host know that hosts receive additional discounts and rewards for every product sold. This is also a way to encourage party goers who like the products to host their own events with the consultant.

BeautiControl offers websites to their consultants so they can market themselves very easily. Consultants can sell products or send catalogues and direct mailers to clients through their websites. This is also a useful way to market the products on social media sites. Consultants can link their website information with their network of contacts and gain sales without having to individually contact everyone they know.

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