What Are Some Beauty Tips for the Face?


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Facial skin needs nourishment, which comes from eating a healthy, balanced diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables, getting plenty of sleep, staying hydrated and avoiding common toxins, such as smoking, oily food and excessive alcohol. Use homemade facial masks and scrubs to help restore vitality to the face, and heed certain precautions when applying cosmetics, including applying a waterproof, lengthening mascara formula prior to using a volumizing one.

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If dry skin threatens to leave you with premature wrinkles and uncomfortable itching, avoid hot water while showering. Use a soft towel to pat the dry skin, and moisturize after every shower. With oily or combination skin, it is important to clean the face daily, and use moisturizer as needed. For any skin type, pat the moisturizer onto the face rather than rub it in so that the skin can actually absorb the moisture.

To help make the color of eyes stand out, utilize a purple eye liner instead of black or brown. Use an eyeliner brush to apply the liner to the upper lash line. To help reduce the appearance of dark under-eye circles, tweeze eyebrows in a straight line rather than an arched shape. When eyebrows are curved, it gives the appearance of a complete circle, thereby emphasizing the dark circles. When eyebrows are fairly straight, it breaks up that shape.

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