What Are Some Beautiful Updos for Women With Long Hair?

What Are Some Beautiful Updos for Women With Long Hair?

Buns, beehives and styles based on curls or braids are some beautiful updos for women with long hair. Other updos are based on historical styles, such as Grecian or geisha looks.

There are many variations of the bun. A classic chignon typically sits either at the nape or the crown. The chignon can include tendrils or curls to make it less severe. A loose bun pulled to the side looks romantic when mixed with hair accessories and curls.

The beehive is basically a bun with hair combed and secured over it. The beehive usually features a lot of volume at the crown. Stylists can combine the beehive with loose curls, a French twist or braids.

Braids can serve as the centerpiece of several long hair updos. For example, stylists can create three low braids and use them to create a chignon. Another option is creating a fishtail braid to the side and securing it as a crown. Stylists can also combine braids with buns, French twists or other classic updos.

An example of a Grecian updo starts with a ponytail on the crown. Stylists curl the ponytail and secure the curls around the crown. A geisha updo also starts with a high ponytail. However, stylists create big loops and leave strands hanging for the geisha style.