What Are Some Beard Style Names?

What Are Some Beard Style Names?

There are many names for beard styles, including the chin strap, full beard, mutton chops and goatee. Some style names are more familiar in beard competition circles.

A beard is usually identified as the hair that grows on the chin, neck, cheeks and upper-lip of human males. While the hair along the lip alone is identified as a mustache, certain beard styles like the full beard, balbo, stashburns and extended goatee often include the mustache as well.

There are a number of beard styles and names that are popular in beard competitions, including:

  • Natural goatee
  • Musketeer
  • Imperial partial beard
  • Verdi
  • Garibaldi

Certain beard styles, such as the natural goatee and the Amish beard, are often styles in which the wearer lets the hair grow and trims it to suit the style rather than having the entire beard cut in a certain fashion. These styles sometimes appear more unkempt than other beard styles.

Other beard styles require specific cuts. These are often elaborate or unique, like the French fork or ducktail styles. Some stylish cut-beard styles include

  • Chin strip
  • Soul patch
  • Anchor
  • Sparrow

Beards are also named after certain people. Such styles include the Franz-Josef, Fu Manchu, Napoleon III Imperial and the Zappa. Additional styles, such as the Klingon or the Rap Industry Standard are also popular.