How Do You Get Beach Waves?


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To achieve the wavy hair beach look, an individual can start by shampooing the hair and applying a curl cream. Gathering her hair into a bun, letting it dry and then letting it down contributes to the hair's volume. Flipping the hair upside down, applying a texturizing spray and using the fingers to adjust strands that look out of place finishes the look.

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If the hair is naturally straight, an individual may try using a curling iron. Curling 2-inch sections of the hair and wrapping them around the barrel of the curling iron, rather than grasping them neatly, should result in loose, messy curls that stay in place with a touch of hairspray.

For very fine, straight hair, the process may need to begin the night before in order to achieve the wavy look. Curling the hair with a 1/2-inch curling iron and then sleeping on the curls contributes to this look. The next morning, the curls should be loose and natural-looking.

One method to achieving the best beach waves is to start with the right haircut. Long, layered hairstyles work best for creating the wavy beach look. The hair around the face should be well-layered, with the back of the hair remaining of almost uniform length.

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