How Do You Do a Beach Wave in Hair?

Loose beach waves can be created in almost any type of hair. With the right combination of curling irons and styling products, anyone can achieve the ultimate summer look.

People with straight hair will need a medium sized curling iron and a texturizing spray to get beach waves. First, apply the texturizing product to freshly dried hair. Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray is a popular option. Then loosely twist sections of hair around the curling iron. Do not curl the hair up the wand as it could result in perfect spirals instead of messy waves. After the entire head is curled, comb through the curls with fingers to get the right wavy texture.

For hair that is already wavy, try letting wet hair dry in a loose bun. Then curl any flat sections with a large barrel curling iron. When the right texture has been achieved, spray the hair with texturizing spray and scrunch the waves.

People with curly hair should start by blow drying their hair straight. Anti-frizz serums, like Frizz-Ease Hair Serum Extra-Strength Formula, can help combat frizz-prone hair. Once the hair is sleek and straight, use a curling iron to make large waves. Spray hair with a texturizing spray if it still needs more texture.