How Do You Get Beach Curls?


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There are three main methods to get beach curls: twisting hair by hand while damp and leaving it to dry, roughly drying hair with a diffuser on a hairdryer and messily curling it with a large-barrelled hair curler. With each method, make sure to use messy chunks of hair for a textured effect.

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Beach curls are loose, textured curls that fall past the shoulders in a relaxed fashion. For people with damaged hair, using the braiding or twisting method is best as it uses no heat. To do this, split damp hair into two equal ponytails. Take each ponytail and split it into two sections. Twist both strands around each other and firmly secure them to the head using bobby pins. Leave hair like this until it is dry, and then unravel the hair and gently finger comb the waves.

For naturally wavy hair, use a diffuser when drying it with a hairdryer. The diffuser will define the waves, giving the impression of loose, separated waves. The last method is to use a large-barrelled hair curler. Split the hair into three-inch sections and roughly curl the hair. When finished, finger comb hair and use a texturizing spray. For all methods, apply a little salt water to the hair from a fine-mist spray bottle to give a more textured, beach feel.

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