How Do You Bayalage Hair?

How Do You Bayalage Hair?

To achieve balayage highlights at home, you need hair color, a hair tie, gloves and a comb. Apply hair dye to the hair in small sections, twisting the section and teasing the hair at the start of the twist before applying the hair color.

  1. Read the product instructions

    Read any instructions that accompany your chosen hair color. Prep hair according to product directions. Mix together hair dye according to product directions.

  2. Apply the hair color

    Pull your hair up into a high ponytail, parting out a thin bottom layer. For longer hair, twist the hair into a top knot to avoid getting color onto the hair ends. Take a section of hair that is a few centimeters wide, and twist it from mid-shaft to ends. Use the comb to tease the hair where the twist begins. Apply hair color to the ends of the hair first using downward movements. Work your way up the hair strand, and begin to apply the hair color less heavily as you reach the midpoint of the twist. Blend the hair color into the twisted area. After you have finished with the bottom layer, twist the layer up so that it is not touching the skin, and secure with a bobby pin. Continue to take down layers, and repeat this coloring process, stopping short of the top layer.

  3. Add subtle highlights to the top layer of hair

    Apply the hair color onto random sections of face-framing hair only to create soft highlights. This creates texture and depth to enhance the hair color. Do not apply hair color all the way around the head when coloring the top layer to avoid harsh color lines.

  4. Allow the hair color to process

    Allow the hair color to remain on the hair according to the product directions. Rinse color from hair, and tone if needed. Condition the hair, and style.