What Batteries Are Equivalent to the Vinnic L1154?

Watch batteries that are the equivalent of the Vinnic L1154 include the Varta 303 and V357, the Timex A and J batteries, the Citizen 280-08 and 280-62, the Seiko SB-A9 and SB-B9, and the I.E.C. SR44. In addition, Maxell, Panasonic, Sony and Toshiba sell it as the SR44SW and SR44W.

The Vinnic L1154 battery is an alkaline watch battery. While this type of battery is readily available online, it's harder to find in stores, where the Energizer 303, 357 and A76 and the Duracell D303 and D357 batteries dominate the market. Although the Energizer and Duracell batteries are compatible with watches using the Vinnic L1154 battery, they are silver oxide batteries rather than alkaline batteries and have a much shorter life.