What Are Baroque Pearls?

baroque-pearls Credit: MAURO CATEB/CC-BY 2.0

Baroque pearls are pearls that have an irregular shape. They tend to be non-symmetrical, coming in a wide array of shapes like ovoid, curved, pinch or lump shapes. They can also resemble a cross or stick shape.

There are also semi-baroque pearls, which can resemble normally-shaped pearls, but will also have slight irregularities that make them non-symmetrical. In this way, semi-baroque pearls can closely resemble oval, button or drop pearls. Semi-baroque pearls are considered in the category of baroque pearls.

Besides baroque and semi-baroque pearls, pearls can also be round, which is considered the most classic shape for pearls. Perfectly round pearls are very rare in nature, however. Because of this, there are variations on the round shape, such as near-round pearls. Near-round pearls are still considered spherical but they may have slight irregularities that set them apart from perfectly round pearls. Also, there are semi-round pearls, which are very similar to near-round pearls.

Oval, button and drop pearls have their own distinct shapes, too. Oval pearls have an oval shape while button pearls resemble the shape of a button, having a flattened, spherical look to them. A drop pearl has a kind of tear-drop shape, and can come in long and short sizes and variations. When a pearl is oval, button or drop in shape, but is not perfectly symmetrical, it may be considered a baroque or semi-baroque pearl.