Is a Bald Man Really Hairless?

bald-man-really-hairless Credit: Hero Images/Hero Images/Getty Images

Bald men are not really hairless. While they lack hair on their heads, most of them still have hair on their bodies. Exceptions to this rule include people with a condition known as alopecia areata and those undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer. When treatment is complete, however, hair typically grows back.

Baldness in men is typically referred to as male-pattern baldness. Contrary to popular belief, this trait is inherited from the maternal side of the family rather than the paternal side. Male-pattern baldness rarely causes men to lose all the hair on their heads. Instead, the hair is usually lost in the front and backs of the head. Many people remark that male-pattern baldness is similar in appearance to a monk's tonsure.

Many men with male-pattern baldness can be quite hairy on other parts of their bodies. It is not uncommon for a man with thinning hair on his head to have especially dense hair growth on his arms, legs, chest and even his back. Men with male-pattern baldness may be at higher risks of developing cardiovascular disease and perhaps even prostate cancer. Certain topical medications and shampoos may help promote scant hair growth; however, these can produce side effects.