Is It Bad to Use Head & Shoulders Shampoo Every Day?

Using Head & Shoulders shampoo every day is a healthy way to control scalp irritations that include chronic itching and white, flaky dandruff. Regular use of Head & Shoulders remedies the symptoms that cause dandruff while providing concentrated moisturizers for soft, lustrous hair, according to the company website.

According to Procter & Gamble, Wakefield Research conducted a survey on behalf of Head & Shoulders in 2013 to determine which practices damaged hair the most. A nationally selected group of 1,001 women were asked which of their habits damaged their hair the most. Over half of the respondents felt they damaged their hair by brushing it when wet, pulling it into a ponytail and excessively scratching itchy scalp. Head & Shoulders' Damage Rescue products were designed to strengthen and nourish damaged hair.