Is Baby Oil Good for Your Hair?

There is no solid evidence that supports that baby oil is beneficial to hair. While it is sometimes used to seal in moisture or add a protective layer to hair or skin, it provides no significant benefits to the health of one’s hair or body. explains that baby oil has various practical uses including application after a shave or wax; in this case, the oil locks in freshness and soothes the skin. The site also explains that baby oil can be used to remedy dry and cracked feet or to protect skin from cold weather. Baby oil can also be used to prevent stretch marks.

Other non-cosmetic uses for baby oil include using the oil to polish wood furniture or to untangle jewelry. The oil can also be used to buff undesired wax or gum off of surfaces or skin. Baby oil can also be used as a massage oil; however, if the massage is given with rubber gloves, then the gloves will dissolve. Baby oil is known to break down rubber or latex, which is why it is also a great resource for removing latex body paint. It is important to test the oil on a small area of skin, like most skin and hair products, before liberally applying it to the body.