How Do I Avoid Irritating Bumps After Shaving My Bikini Area?

Using the right shaving cream and razor, trimming the hair before shaving, taking a warm shower or bath, exfoliating the skin before shaving, using the proper shaving products, and using additional products that specifically prevent ingrown hairs are all steps that prevent bumps after shaving the bikini area. Since the skin is more sensitive during the menstrual cycle, it is best to avoid shaving the skin during that time.

An unscented, moisturizing shaving cream should be used to shave the bikini area. Opt for a razor with a pivoting head and multiple blades instead of a straight disposable razor. Use scissors to trim down hair on the bikini area to avoid heavy razor use, and shower or bathe for five to 10 minutes before shaving to relax the hair follicle, which helps prevent the ingrown hairs that cause bumps. Exfoliate the skin with a mild exfoliator to remove dead skin, which can prevent a close shave, and apply shaving oil before the shaving cream or gel to moisturize the skin so that the razor glides easily over the skin. Apply shaving cream or gel to damp skin only. Then, run the razor blade first in the direction of the hair growth and next in the opposite direction. Rinse and pat the bikini area dry once the hair is completely removed, and then apply a light, unscented lotion to moisturize.