How Do You Get Authorized Seiko Watch Repair Service?

To get authorized Seiko watch repair service, visit the Customer Service Center page at to locate an authorized customer service center. Authorized Seiko customer service centers provide watch repair at more than 140 locations worldwide.

In addition to the United States, authorized Seiko customer service centers can be found in Canada, Australia, Fiji, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. Customer service centers are also available in seven countries in Latin America, 41 countries in Europe, 12 countries in the Middle East and 19 countries in Asia. Technicians at these service centers can repair old watches, adjust watch straps, replace watch batteries, provide spare watch parts and improve watch accuracy when needed.

Seiko recommends getting watches serviced roughly every three years, since even high-quality watches are sensitive instruments that require regular maintenance to ensure proper functioning. At these periodic watch servicing appointments, authorized technicians can re-oil tiny movement parts, replace any parts that are worn out and check on a watch's water resistance, if applicable.

Between watch maintenance visits, Seiko watch owners should avoid dropping their watches on a hard surface or taking a bath or sauna while wearing their watches, even if the watches are water-resistant. Chemicals should not be used to clean Seiko watches; instead, a soft cloth can get rid of any sweat or dirt.

Seiko offers a wide range of unique watches, including the ASTRON model, a solar watch that uses a GPS signal to adjust itself automatically to the local time zone, and the Kinetic model, which comes with an internal electrical generator that runs on the movement of the user's wrist.