What Are Some Attractive Hairstyle and Hair Color Ideas?

Attractive hairstyle and color ideas include blond waves and tawny highlights in a bob. The ombre hair color look matched with longer styles is attractive, while shorter hairstyles look good with bold coloring.

Blond waves are commonly considered an attractive hairstyle. Actress Natalie Portman has worn a classic version of this look. Her hairstylist gave Portman golden blond hair that the actress wears in loose waves around her shoulders. The waves should be smooth and shiny.

Another blond option is adding tawny highlights to light brown hair. This color looks good with hair that is collarbone-length and parted down the middle. The style can be left as a straight bob or textured like beach waves.

As of 2015, ombre hair color is still popular. The ombre look fades from one color to another. An attractive natural option is having brunette hair fade to bronze ends. This color is appropriate for hair at least shoulder-length.

Shorter hairstyles are attractive when matched with bold colors. For instance, a wavy bob looks good in a vibrant auburn hue. Bright colors can also be used to highlight areas of the style, such as the bangs. A cropped pixie is another option. Singer Rihanna wears her cropped pixie in jet black.