How Do You Attach Micro Hair Extensions?

How Do You Attach Micro Hair Extensions?

To attach micro hair extensions, slide a micro-ring onto a hair strand, push it up to the scalp, insert an extension, and crimp the ring shut. Each extension takes 30 seconds. The required supplies are a styling comb, hair clips, hair extensions, micro-rings, threader and crimper.

  1. Comb and clip the hair

    Comb the hair. Use the pick of a styling comb to separate the hair at the crown. Pile it on top of the head, and secure it with clips. Comb the remaining hair again.

  2. Grab a strand of hair

    Use a threading tool to isolate a strand of hair.

  3. Place the micro-ring

    Place a micro-ring on the threading hook, guide it onto the hair strand and push it up to the scalp.

  4. Insert the extension

    Insert the tip of a hair extension through the bottom of the open micro-ring.

  5. Close the ring

    Put the ring in the jaws of a crimping tool, and squeeze firmly to close the ring around the hair. Tug gently on the extension to test the attachment, and proceed to the next extension. When all of the extensions are installed, release the clipped hair and let it cascade onto the extensions. This renders the attachment rings invisible.