How Do You Assemble a Tattoo Gun?

How Do You Assemble a Tattoo Gun?

Assembling a tattoo gun is as simple as attaching the needle, needle tube and power supply. Always wear sterile gloves when handling tattoo equipment. This prevents bacteria on your hands from transferring to the machine and eventually onto the client.

  1. Assemble the needle tube

    Place the needle tube in the tube bracket at the bottom of the binding post arm. Tighten the tube clamp by hand to hold the tube in place.

  2. Attach the needle tube

    Insert the needle into the tube, and slide the eye over the top hat grommet outside of the end of the armature arm. Use small rubber bands around the needle and frame of the gun to stop the eye from flying off the grommet.

  3. Attach the power supply

    Remove any wire caps from the leads at the end of the power cord, and bend the wire leads in a “U” shape using needle-nose pliers. Affix the leads onto the terminal posts on the frame, and tighten the thumbscrews. Plug the opposite end of the power cord into the appropriate port on the front of the console box.

  4. Attach the foot control jack

    Plug the foot control jack into the labeled port on the console box.