What Do Artists Wear?

The first mental image of an artist is the classic ensemble, which first manifested long ago in France, of a beret and smock. But the garb of creative people differs from one artist to the next, respectively implying that artists go without any specific uniform. However, similarities in apparel do include clothing that offers comfort in the studio and the color black.

Artful Vagabond delves into the speculation and ponders the reasoning behind artists who continuously choose to wear black. The reasoning behind the artist donning black is to dissuade attention of the viewers from the artist's apparel, and to focus it instead on the artist's work. The artist wants to divert all attention to his or her art, avoiding clothes that interfere or conflict with the artwork.

Remarkable and Curious Conversations devotes an article asking a range of artists what they wear. It is insinuated that some dress with the intent of practicality and functionality and wear fabrics that wipe away paint with plenty of pockets and pouches to hold materials. Other artists are more concerned about how their apparel depicts their persona, being conscious and serious about the manner in which they are perceived and its relevance to their art.

However, most of the artists featured on Remarkable and Curious Conversations all remark on one common trait when it comes to their choice of clothing: comfort. The idea is to not be overwhelmed by anything other than the art itself. Comfort gives leeway into a fitting environment that allows the artist to do what the artist does best — create.