What Do Army Pinup Girl Tattoos Look Like?


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Army pin up girl tattoos are tattoos of alluring images of attractive women, either dressed up in army uniforms or drawn in a style that reflects the military. Back in the 1950s a very popular pin up girl tattoo included popular images of Marilyn Monroe. One of these pictures is the iconic image where Marilyn is dressed in her white dress with the wind lifting the skirt up.

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Pin up girl tattoos go back to the 19th century. Soldiers and marines in World War I and World War II were the first to have tattoos of pin up girls. The term pin up derives from the fact that the first designs came from posters and pictures of girls that soldiers pinned up on the walls in their tents and dorms. Pin up girl tattoos are considered old school tattoo art. The first pin up girls were often dressed in feminized army or navy uniforms and other outfits. As the times changed, the pin up girls showed increasingly more flesh. As of 2014, it's not rare to see women with pin up girl tattoos. This is considered a notion of expressing the old-fashioned femininity and the modern day empowerment of women.

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