What Is Argan Oil Good For?


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The benefits of argan oil are evident in culinary and cosmetic milieus. It is used in salads, dips and as an ingredient in a variety of dishes. In addition to its nutty taste, ingesting it helps reduce the risk of developing obesity, various forms of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. It's nutrient rich composition also make it a great addition to hair and skin products.

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Argan oil is used in many high-end cosmetic products, and can be used directly to remedy a variety of skin and hair issues. When used in hair-care products, it adds moisture and shine to dry hair, helping to alleviate frizzy ends. The oil can be used directly by applying it to a cotton ball and dabbing the dry patches on the scalp as a means of treatment. The oil can serve as an alternative to face and body moisturizers. Additionally, it can prevent the cracking and peeling of cuticles when applied directly on nails. As of 2014, argan oil is used in over a hundred personal-care products in the United States.

Rich in nutrients including vitamin E and linoleic acid, its anti-inflammatory properties, provide medicinal benefits when used on skin. When consumed on a daily basis, either directly or as an ingredient in a meal, argan oil increases the level of vitamin E and reduces the amount of cholesterol in blood. Furthermore, it stimulates the production of an enzyme that is believed to protect against factors that cause damage to the heart.

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