What Is Arabic Eye Makeup?


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Arabic eye makeup stems from the ancient Egyptian art of lining the eye in black kohl. The look is still characterized by bold liner, now typically highlighted with color.

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Arabic eye makeup goes from under the lower lash line to the eyebrow. It starts with a sweep of neutral color over the entire area from lashes to brow. Next, the crease gets accentuated with a dark charcoal, which is also shaded on the outer corners of the lids. The lid itself is covered in eye shadow that complements the eyes, traditionally, with colors of deep purple, blue or green.

The key to the look is a sharp line of eyeliner. Some makeup artists place medical tape to mark a straight line from the outer corner of the eye to the eyebrow. The line can be made with liquid, gel or pencil eyeliner, but it shouldn't smudge. The entire eye gets ringed in black, including the inner corner and lower lash line. Some looks use color on the lower lid as well.

Other elements of Arabic eye makeup include impeccably groomed eyebrows and heavy lashes. Some makeup artists add false eyelashes to complete the look. Female Arabic singers sometimes further accentuate their makeup with rhinestones or glitter following the black line.

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