What Is Appropriate to Wear to a Club?

Appropriate club attire for men includes a collared shirt, a suit, dress pants and high-quality jeans. Appropriate club attire for women includes a dress, a skirt, tight jeans, a nice top and a jacket. Proper attire varies based on the club and the area. The dress code for a specific club can be determined by visiting the club's website or calling the club.

Men frequently wear collared shirts at clubs. One way of standing out from the crowd is adding an accessory, such as a tie or sports coat. Jeans should fit well and look classy instead of rugged or beat up. Dress shoes are a good choice for footwear, although leather boots are also acceptable. Avoid tennis shoes unless they are solid black and don't stand out. Stylish hats, such as fedoras, can be worn but sports hats should not. Women should wear an outfit that highlights one feature, such as a short skirt for women with long legs. Heels can be worn, although any shoes chosen should be comfortable enough for walking and, possibly, dancing. Eye-catching accessories, such as earrings or a necklace, can add style to an outfit. Both sexes should avoid wearing warm clothes as clubs often get hot.