How Do You Apply Witch Makeup?

How Do You Apply Witch Makeup?

Cover the face with pale green grease paint, apply dark eye shadow and lipstick, blush and stick on a couple of warts or a prosthetic nose with some spirit gum. Use all or just some of these additions to create a desired look.

No witch costume is complete without the application of some face makeup. Applying this makeup for the finished look is simple. All that is required is some green grease paint, dark colored face makeup and spirit gum.

  1. Create prosthetic nose and warts
  2. Use spirit gum to build up an unattractive fake nose that sticks out or has a large bump. Take a small amount of spirit gum to create a couple of big warts on the face too. To help the spirit gum better match the makeup, consider working a little bit of the grease paint into the gum so that it is nice and green.

  3. Apply grease paint
  4. Pull back hair to keep it out of the way. Apply a thin layer of green grease paint all over the face. Wash hands to remove excess paint.

  5. Put on makeup
  6. Use dark colored blush to make the cheeks look hollow for a sickly appearance. Dark eye shadow and lipstick are a good addition for an undead look, especially if the shadow is rubbed thickly all the way around the eyes.