How Do You Apply Winged Eyeliner?

How Do You Apply Winged Eyeliner?

Created a winged eyeliner effect by drawing a line curving upwards from the corner of your eye outward. Next, apply heavy eyeliner to meet and fill in this winged flick. Winged eyeliner has been a classic glamour look since the 1950s and requires an eyeliner brush, liquid or gel black eyeliner, concealer, and eyeshadow primer.

  1. Draw the winged flick

    Prime the eyelid area with eyeshadow primer. Pull the skin taut at the outside corner of your eye, then use the eyeliner brush to draw a line out from the outside corner.

  2. Line your eye

    Dip the eyeliner brush in eyeliner, and pull it smoothly over the upper lashline of your eye, following the natural curve and creating a smooth, narrow line. Start at the outside edge of your eye, and draw a corresponding curve back toward the inside corner, slightly above the lashline. The line should become narrower as it approaches the inside corner of the eye.

  3. Fill in the gaps

    Fill in the gaps between the two lines of eyeliner. Use your eyeliner brush to make tiny brush strokes so you can maintain control. Carry the line smoothly out to the end of the winged flick. If your line isn't smooth, or if you think the flick is too long, clean your eyeshadow brush and dip it in concealer. Use the concealer to fix any mistakes.