How Do You Apply Tinted Moisturizer?


Tinted moisturizer should be applied using fingers and blending into the skin, starting with the center of the face. Tinted moisturize should be applied in the same way that a person would apply a normal daily moisturizer as tinted moisturizers are similar to hydrating lotions.

If a person notices that he or she still has uneven pigmentation or needs additional coverage, then he or she should add a bit of concealer afterwards. The concealer will need to be blended in order to create a smooth appearance. The concealer should also be applied with fingers to make sure that there are no lines on the face.

One of the keys to applying tinted moisturizer flawlessly is choosing the right tinted moisturizer for a person's skin needs. Tinted moisturizers are sheer and should not be chosen based on skin tone but based on skin type instead. The user should choose a tinted moisturizer that fits his or her face, such as an oil-free formula for those people who are prone to breakouts or a hydrating formula for those who have dry skin.

Many people are tempted to add a finishing powder on top of their look; however, finishing powders end up creating a powdery look that ruins the dewy, radiant and glowing finish that the tinted moisturizer provides. It is advisable to simply skip this step. If the skin is too oily, a matte-tinted moisturizer is a good choice.