How Do You Apply a Temporary Tattoo?

apply-temporary-tattoo Credit: Sollina Images/Blend Images/Getty Images

Tattoos 4 Kids describes a detailed process for applying a temporary tattoo. The first steps are to clean and thoroughly dry the skin, then to remove the protective film covering the tattoo. The next steps are to place the tattoo face down on the skin and then to apply pressure to it using a wet cloth or sponge for 60 seconds. The paper is then removed and the tattoo dries.

According to Tattoos 4 Kids, most temporary tattoos contain henna extract, water and ethanol. The transfer of temporary tattoos from their paper to skin is activated by water. When water and pressure are applied to the back of the tattoo paper, they cause the ink to transfer onto the skin. A temporary tattoo works best when the skin is free of any oils or creams that may affect the adhesion of the ink. Cleaning the skin with an alcohol wipe can ensure that there's nothing on the skin that can negatively affect the transfer of the ink.

According to Tattoos 4 Kids, temporary tattoos come off naturally after a few days of normal showering and washing. However, they can be removed more quickly with baby oil or an alcohol cleanser.