How Do I Apply Styling Hair Wax?

apply-styling-hair-wax Credit: Mitch Kasanami/CC-BY 2.0

To apply styling hair wax, distribute the proper amount of wax on palms, and evenly work through the hair, starting with the top of the head and moving to the ends. Hair styling wax is applied to dry or wet hair.

  1. Select proper amount of wax

    The proper amount of hair wax depends on the length and amount of hair. A pea-sized portion works well for medium-length hair. Spread the wax evenly over your palms as the wax softens with your body temperature, making it manageable to work with. If the amount is too small, add more. The product does not adhere well to the hair if too much wax is used.

  2. Apply wax to hair

    Distribute the wax evenly, working from the roots to the tips of the hair. First, spread wax through the underside of the hair; this helps avoid having to reapply to the same area. Next, move to the surface of the hair, moving down to the hair ends. Finally, twirl individual strands with wax-covered fingertips to create definition.

  3. Use a blow dryer to set

    Use a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment to give hair additional volume and create movement at the top of the head. After applying the wax, blow dry the hair while lifting the roots at the same time.