How Do I Apply Styles of Thick Eyeliner?


Thick eyeliner is used for makeup looks that make a bold evening statement. With strong definition to frame the eyes, thick eyeliner is both controlled and smoky at the same time.

  1. Delineate your upper lash line

    Apply foundation to your eyelids to prepare for smooth application of the eyeliner. Using a fine-tipped black liquid eyeliner, draw a firm line from the inside of the upper lash line to just outside the outer edge.

  2. Outline the eyeliner area

    Draw a fine horizontal line just above the line drawn at the outer lash line. This line should be below the eyelid crease. Connect this line to the edge of the outer lash line with liquid eyeliner, then connect it in a smooth arc to the inner edge of the lash line as well, creating an outline for your thick eyeliner.

  3. Fill in the space that results

    Use your liquid eyeliner to fill in the space you have drawn above your upper last line. Square off the end neatly, or draw a "cat's eye" beyond the outside edge of your eye.