How Do You Apply Redken Hair Color?

Redken has several hair colors including Shades EQ, Color Fusion and Equalizing Color Gloss, though the general application method is the same. To apply Redken hair color, determine the correct formula, mix the color, apply the color, and process between 20 to 45 minutes. Applying Redken color takes roughly 30 minutes plus processing time and requires the color, developer, protective gloves and a color bottle.

  1. Determine the correct developer

    Use color swatches to determine the natural hair color. Depending on the number of lightening levels, select the correct developer: 10 volume for no level change or for going darker, 20 volume for one level lighter or gray hair coverage, 30 volume for two levels lighter and 40 volume for three levels lighter. Any lighter requires pre-lightening with bleach.

  2. Prepare the hair

    Hair should be clean and dry. Segment the hair in four sections, securing with clips. Start with the nape as the first section for color application.

  3. Mix the color

    Redken comes with formulas for each of their hair colors. Based on the formula and the appropriate level of developer, mix the color at a one-to-one ratio, meaning one part color and one part developer.

  4. Apply the color near the scalp

    Divide a 1/4-inch parting from the first section. Apply the color on the first 1/2-inch of hair growing from the scalp. Repeat this procedure for all sections.

  5. Pull the color through the mid-shaft

    When all the hair near the scalp is covered, go back through and apply color from the half-inch mark to the ends of the hair. Ensure each strand is fully saturated.

  6. Process and rinse

    Develop the color according to the formula instructions, from 20 to 45 minutes. Activate with water, and rinse the color until the water runs clear.