How Do You Apply Red Lipstick?

How Do You Apply Red Lipstick?

How Do You Apply Red Lipstick?

Using a red lip liner, define the outside of your lip shape. Once an outline is made fill in the rest of your upper and lower lips with liner, followed by red lipstick. After applying lipstick place tissue paper over lips and lightly brush translucent powder over them.

  1. Gather supplies

    Collect lip liner, tissue paper, lipstick, translucent powder and powder brush.

  2. Use lip liner

    Outline the outside of lips with a lip liner that matches the shade of your lipstick. After making an outline, fill in your lower and upper lip with liner. This helps create a base for the lipstick to stick to and ensures color lasts.

  3. Apply lipstick

    Open lipstick, carefully apply red lipstick to both bottom and lower lip. Stay within the lines drawn on with the lip liner.

  4. Translucent powder application

    Gently pull apart a piece of tissue or toilet paper, so that it is only a single ply. Press the single-ply tissue against both your lips at once. Dip your powder brush into a small amount of translucent powder, shaking off excess, and apply to both top and bottom lip through the tissue or toilet paper. After applying powder, gently the remove paper. This additional step gives your lipstick even more staying power.