How Do You Apply Red Eye Shadow?

How Do You Apply Red Eye Shadow?

How Do You Apply Red Eye Shadow?

The best way to apply red eye shadow is to swipe a bit of red shadow across the upper lash line. By doing this, you can recreate this runway trend in the comfort of your own home.

  1. Clean and moisturize the face

    Start with a clean, bare face. Spray lightly with mineralized or pH-balanced water to lock in moisture.

  2. Apply eye cream

    Use a gentle cream under the eye and on the eyelid to help relieve puffiness.

  3. Prime the eyelid

    Dab a concealer or eye shadow primer on the eyelid. This prevents smudging and keeps the red eye shadow in place.

  4. Start with a base shadow

    Using a flat, tapered brush, apply a light eye shadow color around the inner corner of the eyes. This highlights the eyes and acts as a base.

  5. Apply your chosen shade of red

    Choose an eye shadow color on the red spectrum. It could be a deep blood red or a red with hints of pink. Use a tapered brush to apply the shadow as close to the lash line as possible. Feather the shadow as it nears the corner of the eye. Next, blend the shadow with a fluffy brush.

  6. Curl the lashes

    To widen the eyes, curl the eyelashes and apply a dab of Vaseline to them.