How Do You Apply Princess Makeup?

How Do You Apply Princess Makeup?

One easy way to apply princess makeup is to apply eye shadow in pink and pearly white shades, pink blush, self-adhesive scrapbooking jewels, cosmetic glitter, and pink lipstick. You need an eye shadow brush, a blush brush, and a cup of water to complete the application.

  1. Apply the eye shadow

    Wet the eye shadow brush slightly in the cup of water, and gently apply the pink eye shadow all the way up to the brow line. Allow to dry several minutes, then apply a lighter pearly shade of eye shadow. Use the shadow brush to blend the pearly shade above the eyebrows.

  2. Use the blush to accent the cheeks

    Use the blush brush to apply a pink shade of blush to the cheeks and cheekbones. Blend upwards toward the temples.

  3. Apply the jewels on the forehead

    Use self-adhesive scrapbooking jewels, found at your local craft store, to create a tiara-like look on the forehead. Apply first to the center of the forehead and then expand the jewels outward above the eyebrows toward the temples.

  4. Apply glitter to the cheeks

    Use cosmetic glitter to accent the cheeks and the area around the jewels. Apply in small amounts and add slowly to create the desired effect of shimmering cheeks and cheekbones. You may also use a thin layer of skin lotion to help the glitter stay on the skin better.

  5. Apply lipstick

    Paint lips with a pink or sparkly shade of lipstick to finalize the princess transformation.