How Do You Apply the Perfect Eyeliner?


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You can apply perfect eyeliner by lining the upper lashline, using a smudge and lining the lower lashline, explains makeup artist Laura Geller to O, The Oprah Magazine. Black eyeliner on the upper lashline gives you thick lashes and more open eyes.

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The first step is lining the upper lashline beginning at the outer corner, says Geller. Make sure to apply the thickest line at the outer corner of your eyes. Use a pencil instead of a liquid liner, as it allows you to create short, light strokes and get near the lashes. Look in a mirror with your chin up and eyes down. Continue lining inward toward the nose while keeping the pencil close to your lashes. Stop at the end of your lashes. Next, use the smudger on the other end of the pencil or a Q-tip to smooth over any variance in the line. Make sure there are no gaps between the lashes and the eyeliner. With your eyes looking up and your chin down, line the lower lashline by positioning the pencil on top of your lashes and starting at the outer corner.

The last step is connecting the top and bottom lines at your eyes' outer corners, states Geller. This creates a natural winged effect that lifts and widens eyes. Finish the look by applying a bronze-gold shadow and two mascara coats.

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