How Do You Apply Mustache Wax?

How Do You Apply Mustache Wax?

To apply moustache wax, soften the wax, work it into the moustache from the center toward the edges, and dry the moustache with a hair dryer. Avoid liquefying the wax during this process.

  1. Soften the wax

    Run the wax under warm water for a few minutes to soften it, but make sure you don't melt the wax into liquid.

  2. Apply the wax

    Scoop out some wax with a fingernail, and roll it into a round shape. Start from the center of moustache, and apply the wax towards the edges. Twist the moustache into your preferred shape as you work, adding more wax as needed. Use a moustache comb to uniformly spread the wax.

  3. Dry the wax

    Set a hair dryer on low heat, and dry the moustache to position the hair and prevent clumping. Shape the moustache, and trim off the stray parts with moustache scissors.