How Do You Apply Makeup so It Looks Natural?

How Do You Apply Makeup so It Looks Natural?

How Do You Apply Makeup so It Looks Natural?

Makeup should make a woman look like herself, only well-rested and refreshed. To apply makeup so it looks natural, you need makeup brushes, primer, foundation, concealer, powder, blush, eye shadow, mascara and lip gloss. The process takes approximately 20 minutes.

  1. Prepare your face

    Your face should be freshly washed and moisturized. Apply a makeup primer over the entire surface. This minimizes pores and keeps the makeup in place throughout the day.

  2. Apply the foundation

    Using a sponge or a makeup brush, apply a light coating of foundation over the entire face. For an even more natural look, apply a tinted moisturizer.

  3. Use the concealer

    For blemishes, spots or under-eye circles, apply concealer using a brush. Blend it into the foundation.

  4. Set the base

    Use a powder brush and loose powder to sweep a light dusting of powder over the whole face.

  5. Highlight the cheeks

    Use a blush brush to sweep a warm color over the apple of the cheeks. Use a light touch.

  6. Apply eye shadow

    Use a neutral color that complements the eyes. Apply the shadow using an eye shadow brush. Apply a light color on the inner corner to brighten the eyes. Use an angled brush and a slightly darker shade to shade a line right at the lash line.

  7. Finish the look

    Apply two coats of mascara to the eye lashes, rolling the barrel so it doesn't clump. Finish with a lightly-tinted lip gloss.