How Do You Apply Makeup to Look Like Lauren Conrad?

How Do You Apply Makeup to Look Like Lauren Conrad?

Apply black eyeliner with a very small brush to achieve Lauren Conrad's signature cat eye. For the rest of the face, use a bronzer to get her sun-kissed look. Leave the lips nude for daytime, or add a bright red lipstick for an evening look.

  1. Find a thin eyeliner brush

    Lauren's cat eye is typically thin and not very wide. If your eyeliner does not come with a thin brush, purchase one separately to use with liquid or gel black eyeliner.

  2. Draw the line in sections

    It's easier to draw a cat eye with separate strokes as you are less likely to make mistakes. Starting at the inner corner of the eye, draw short lines as you move towards the outer corner of your eye. Keep the line as close to the lash line as possible.

  3. Create the wing

    To create the wing of the cat eye, draw a line from the outer corner of the lower lash line that follows its natural curve. This line should be about the length of an eye lash for a subtle look. Go longer for a more dramatic evening look. If needed, fill in the gap between the wing and the eyeliner on the upper lash line.

  4. Complete the look

    To recreate Lauren's California tan, use a sunless tanner on the face, or apply bronzer to the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and the forehead. For the lips, use a clear lip gloss for a nude look, or apply a classic red lipstick for one of her evening looks.