How Do You Apply Makeup for Homecoming?

Homecoming makeup should be applied in a way that creates a fresh, glamorous and slightly dramatic look. Highlight either the lips or the eyes, and use a lighter touch for the rest of the face

A light application of foundation evens the skin tone and helps other cosmetics go on more smoothly. Dab full-strength foundation on blemishes and discolorations. For the rest of the face, mix the foundation with moisturizer and apply it sparingly.

Brush blush or bronzer on the most prominent part of the cheekbones for a simple, youthful look. Apply a darker shade to the hollows beneath the cheekbones for a more chiseled, dramatic look.

If lips are to be highlighted, start with a liner in a slightly deeper shade than the lip color. Choose bright, vibrant colors. After applying lip color, add a layer of clear gloss. If eyes are to be highlighted, use clear or lightly tinted gloss in place of liner and lipstick.

Whereas eyes need only a sweep of pink shadow plus liner and mascara if the lips are highlighted, it's OK to get creative when the eyes take center stage. Start with a glittery midtone lid shadow, and then add contour and smokiness with a deep shade applied in the crease and swept toward the outer edge of the grow. Use a light shadow to highlight the area just beneath the brow. Define the eyes with black liner, and add several coats of a thickening mascara.