How Do You Apply Makeup to Freckled Skin?


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According to Beauty High, makeup should enhance freckles rather than covering them. Beauty High says that a light foundation, combined with a light-colored blusher, enhances freckled skin's natural uniqueness and variations.

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How Do You Apply Makeup to Freckled Skin?
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The first step, according to Beauty High, is to apply a light-coverage foundation. Full-coverage foundations tend to appear too mask-like on freckled skin. The best bet is a tinted moisturizer or mineral powder makeup.

Next, Beauty High recommends that those with freckled skin should choose a cheek color that is light in shade. Peach and coral colors tend to complement freckled skin. Beauty High recommends a luminizer for extra glow.

Beauty High discourages over-applying mascara. One coat is all that is necessary. To add a smoky eye to a freckled face, Beauty High suggests a smoky brown liner smudged on the top and bottom lashes. Additionally, the website says that green, blue and purple liners are other suitable options for the eyes of those with freckled skin.

A subtle makeup ensemble that is suitable for freckled faces, says Beauty High, is to apply only a few coats of mascara, a rosy blush and a rosy lip color. When tanned, Beauty High recommends bronzers, peach blush and coral lip shades.

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