How Do You Apply Make-up on Asians?

How Do You Apply Make-up on Asians?

Many Asian women have striking and beautiful features, but a lot of American beauty advice is not aimed at the needs of Asian women. Because Asian women have several unique characteristics, their make-up routines need to encompass these. Foundations that match Asian skin-tones, emphasis on the natural curve of the eyes, and stunning eyelashes are all good ways to start bringing out the best in Asian beauty.

  1. Apply foundation and blush

    Yellow-based foundation looks the most natural on Asian skin. For the cheekbones, use a touch of pink or coral blush on the apples of the cheeks.

  2. Apply liner

    Black liquid liner looks especially good on Asian eyes. Line the upper lid at the lash line, stopping before you reach the inside corner, as this can make the eyes look smaller. You do not need to line the bottom lashes, but if you choose to, keep the lines subtle and smudged.

  3. Apply eye shadow

    For eye shadow, a good technique is layering. Start with a lighter shade and blend in a medium shade on top of that. Finish by blending in the darkest shade. Asians usually look best with jewel tones, such as blues, purples and greens. Make sure the eyeshadow isn't too harsh; the goal is to emphasize features, not hide them.

  4. Draw attention to the eyelashes

    To emphasize the eyes, curl the eyelashes and apply several coats of mascara. For those with shorter lashes, consider false eyelashes. They are an inexpensive alternative to having eyelashes professionally lengthened.