How Do You Apply Magnetic Nail Polish?

How Do You Apply Magnetic Nail Polish?

To apply magnetic nail polish, cover each nail with a base coat of standard polish followed by one coat of the magnetic polish. Allow it to dry, then cover one nail with a thicker coat of the magnetic polish and immediately hold the magnet above the nail for 10 to 15 seconds. Repeat this process with the rest of the nails, and allow them to dry.

  1. Purchase magnetic nail polish

    Magnetic nail polish is typically sold with the magnet needed to create the design. When shopping, select the color and design that appeals to you. Purchase a base coat and clear top coat to go with the polish.

  2. Apply a base coat to all nails

    Apply the base coat and let it dry completely.

  3. Apply one coat of magnetic polish to all nails

    Paint the nails as though using regular nail polish. Allow this coat to dry completely as well.

  4. Apply magnetic polish to one nail

    Select one nail and apply a thick even coat of magnetic nail polish. Avoid any dripping, pooling or streaking.

  5. Use the magnet to create the design

    As soon as the paint is on the first nail, hold the magnet still over the wet polish, giving the pattern time to develop. This process usually takes about 15 seconds, but some brands require more time.

  6. Repeat on the other nails

    Apply the polish to one other nail, and hold the magnet above that nail. Repeat until all the nails are completely painted and the pattern is showing.

  7. Allow all the nails to dry completely

    Give the polish plenty of time to dry, so that the pattern does not smear or smudge. Since the magnetic coat is thick, expect the drying to take longer than usual.

  8. Apply a top coat

    Apply a clear top coat over the dry designs, and allow it to dry completely.