How Do You Apply Liquid Foundation?

How Do You Apply Liquid Foundation?

How Do You Apply Liquid Foundation?

Liquid foundation gives you smooth coverage without a powdery look and effectively evens out your skin tone, says Erica Maniscalco, makeup artist and managing editor at the Fashion Journal. It provides a lighter coverage than tinted moisturizer and offers the perfect coverage for a no-makeup look.

  1. Wipe your face with damp sponge and apply primer

    Spray water to a sponge, and run the sponge gently over your face to get rid of dirty residue. Prep your face if necessary. Apply an anti-shine serum if you have oily skin. Use a light primer if you have dry skin.

  2. Apply the liquid foundation evenly

    Put a bit of liquid foundation to the back of your hand, and use your fingertip to apply the foundation on your face. To ensure an even coverage, apply two dabs on your forehead, one on your nose, one on your chin and two on your cheeks.

  3. Blend the foundation

    Use your fingers to blend the foundation into your skin. Cover obvious lines by blending the foundation into your neck, hairline and ears using a sponge.

  4. Offset the cooler hues

    Cover any blue or purple undereye with a salmon tone. Choose a concealer with a green undertone for blemishes with a reddish color.

  5. Apply concealer and loose-setting powder

    After massaging concealer gently into the undereye, complete your look with a loose-setting powder that matches your skin tone. Add a mascara and light gloss for a perfect look.