How Do You Apply Liquid Eyeliner?

How Do You Apply Liquid Eyeliner?

To apply liquid eyeliner, first remove excess liquid from the tip of the eyeliner brush. Starting from the center, draw short dashes along your lash line to the outer corner of your eyes, then return to the center, and draw short strokes until you reach your tear ducts. Drag a cotton swab dipped in oil-free makeup remover along the edge of the line to clean it up.

  1. Remove excess liquid from the eyeliner brush

    Unscrew the brush from the eyeliner tube, and run the tip along the back of your hand to remove the excess liquid. This allows for better product control when you are applying the eyeliner.

  2. Position the eyes and brush

    Slightly lift and pull the skin taut near one eye with your non-dominant hand, and position the eyeliner brush on the center of your lash line with the other hand.

  3. Apply the eyeliner

    Draw short dashes along the edge of your lash line to the outer corners of your eye. Return to the center of the lash line, and draw short strokes until you reach the tear duct. Use the very tip of the brush as you get closer to the tear ducts to get the leanest line. Repeat the process on your other eye.

  4. Clean up the lash lines

    Dip one end of a cotton swab in an oil-free makeup remover, and drag it along the top edge of the lash lines to clean them up. Make sure the liquid liner is dry before completely opening your eyes to prevent smudges and creases.