How Do You Apply Liquid Eyeliner to Create Cat Eyes?


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For a perfect cat eye made with liquid eyeliner, apply a simple scotch tape template around the eye and then trace its shape and fill in darker areas. Once the face is fully made up a dulled piece of tape ensures an evenly tapered line.

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Cat eyes add an exotic quality to every girl's face, but liquid eyeliner is tricky to use, especially for this advanced eyeliner technique. The rest of the face should be completely made up before applying any eyeliner.

Start at the midpoint of the top eyelid to trace a thin line to the outside corner using short strokes. To find the midpoint, stare straight ahead at the mirror and start the line directly above the center of the pupil. Then thicken the line toward the outside corner, starting about a third of the way in. Gradually thicken with each stroke until it is as broad as desired.

Take a 1-inch strip of tape and dull it by sticking it to the skin on the back of the hand a few times. Tack it to the skin just under the lash line on the bottom lid so the angle follows its upward direction. Trace the eyeliner across the top lid to create the triangle. The final point should angle toward the end of the brow for a graceful cat eye. The wing should be perfectly smooth once the tape is removed.

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