How Do You Apply Lipstick for Different Types of Lips?


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According to All Women Stalk, choosing the right color and type of lipstick for one's lips is crucial to obtaining a great look. Use of lip pencil or lip plumpers can also make a big difference for certain shapes of lips.

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Women with thin lips should avoid darker colors and instead choose sheer natural looks. Outlining the lips with a natural-colored lip pencil and using a lip-plumping gloss makes thin lips look fuller. Sheer lipsticks also add the illusion of fullness because of the way they reflect light.

Full lips look wonderful in most colors, especially berries and roses. Instead of lip-plumping gloss, a small amount of clear gloss on the top lip creates a great effect. Lipsticks with creamy textures work well with full lips, as they provide the appearance of firmness.

Lip liner can be used to create the illusion of fuller lips or to minimize overly full lips. A woman with thin lips can use lip liner or pencil to outline her lips slightly outside the natural lip line. Someone with overly full lips can do her outlining slightly inside the lip line to minimize the size of the lips. Lip liner should be a neutral color or slightly darker than the lipstick. Filling in the lips with lip liner before applying lipstick, but after the outlining is done, helps the lipstick to stay on longer.

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