How Do You Apply Lip Liner?

apply-lip-liner Credit: Veronique Beranger/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Apply lip liner using a lip pencil to create a precise line with no bleeding or feathering. After you have applied lip liner to the natural lip line, add lip color. Cover Girl suggests using a cream concealer to touch up lip liner that is not applied perfectly.

The choice of lip liner and lipstick shades can produce a desired effect. Those who want fuller lips should choose a lipstick and lip liner in matching shades. Darker hues make the lips look smaller, so lighter shades are best for this effect. Apply the lip liner along the outermost edge of the lips, and fill in the entire area of the lip with the liner before applying lipstick.

To make lips look wider, apply liner to the outside edges of the lips and extend to the corners of the mouth. Next, add a matching lipstick color over the liner, followed by lip gloss only on the middle of the lips.

Those who want lips to appear thinner should choose a matte lipstick. Apply the lip liner slightly inside the natural line of the lips before applying lipstick.

To add definition to the lips, apply a neutral lip liner color to the natural line of the lips before filling in with a sheer lip gloss. Use a lip brush to blend the edges of the lips.