How Do You Apply a Keratin Hair Treatment?


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To apply a keratin hair treatment, wash the hair thoroughly three times, dry it with a clean towel, and apply a quality keratin product. Leave the hair for up to 20 minutes, use heat or a cap as suggested by the manufacturer, and blow-dry the hair.

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How Do You Apply a Keratin Hair Treatment?
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Use keratin products without formaldehyde content for a safer hair treatment, and read the manufacturer’s instructions to find out the recommended shampoo for washing the hair. Focus on cleaning the hair, and avoid using a conditioner.

Next, apply the keratin product to dry or damp hair, depending on the instructions. After dividing the hair into four sections, carefully apply the treatment from top to bottom. The hair should be ready for processing if the keratin product doesn’t stick to a fine-tooth comb upon running the comb through the hair.

Check the instructions to determine the exact processing time and if heat or a cap is required. The next steps are blow-drying the hair and using ceramic flat iron with a heat setting of 450 degrees. Iron the hair from roots to ends until any visible product vapor disappears. Finally, avoid using clips, bands or hair products, and avoid washing the hair for three days after the treatment. Sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner are recommended after-care products.

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