How Do You Apply Jamberry Nail Shields?


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To apply Jamberry nail wrap shields, clean your unpolished nails, warm the nail wrap, press it on the nail firmly, trim the top, file off the remaining wrap, and apply additional heat to bond the wrap to your nail. For best results, push back your cuticles before applying.

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Before applying Jamberry nail wraps, clean your unpolished nails with alcohol. Match the nail to an appropriately-sized wrap, and then peel off the wrap and warm it with a blow dryer or Jamberry mini-heater for three to five seconds. Remove the wrap from heat when it is soft and flexible. When the wrap is warm, apply it firmly to the nail, pressing around the edges to adhere the wrap securely. To seal the wrap around the base of your cuticle, use a rubber cuticle pusher.

To remove excess wrap, trim the top with scissors and file the rest down. Apply additional heat and pressure to bond the wrap to the nail. To remove the wrap from your nail, soak the nail wraps in nail polish remover for 20 to 30 seconds, and then rub them off. If you have worn the wraps for less than 10 days, remove them by heating the wraps for 15 seconds, and then use your opposite thumbnail to slide and peel the wrap off.

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