How Do You Apply Gel Nail Extensions?

To apply gel nail extensions, prepare and clean the original nails, select artificial nail extensions that fit over the nails, cover with gel substance, and use a UV light to harden the gel. This process provides durable nail extensions that stand up beautifully under nail art or a manicure.

  1. Prepare the natural nail

    Wash the hands, and remove any polish or glue from the nails. Push back the cuticles, then buff the nails to remove any shine. Be sure the nails are completely dry. Cut and file nails back if they are long.

  2. Select artificial nail extensions

    From the box of nail extensions, select one which is the right size for each finger. It should match the exact curve of the natural nail. If the nail is a little wide, file it slightly to narrow it.

  3. Glue extensions on each finger

    Apply glue to the hollow part of the nail extension, and attach it to the nail. Hold the extension for at least 30 seconds to give the glue time to dry.

  4. Cut extensions to the right size

    Cut the extensions with scissors or specific nail extension clippers. Cut them a little longer than the desired length to accommodate filing and trimming. Shape and file the extension as desired.

  5. Apply gel over nail and extensions

    Brush gel carefully over the natural nail and the artificial tip. Harden the gel under a UV light. File to the desired shape.

  6. Polish as desired

    Select a nail polish designed to go over gel extensions. Polish as desired. If necessary, harden the gel polish under a UV light.