How Do You Apply Foundation?


Proper foundation application techniques gives the look of an unblemished complexion and even skin tone. It should only take around 2 minutes. All that is needed is moisturizer or primer, a foundation brush or makeup sponge, concealer and foundation.

  1. Clean the hands and face

    Make sure that any dirt or grime is completely removed before starting.

  2. Moisturize

    Apply moisturizer, moisturizing sunscreen or foundation primer, depending on what works best with your skin type. Priming with moisturizer ensures that the foundation goes on smoothly. After applying, let the moisturizer sit for about 1 minute.

  3. Apply concealer

    Use concealer to hide any dark circles under the eyes. Always pat the concealer gently. Don't rub it into the skin.

  4. Apply foundation

    Use the foundation to make dots on the chin, forehead, cheeks and tip of the nose. Foundation should only be applied to uneven areas of the face. Don't cover the whole face.

  5. Spread the foundation

    Use a foundation brush, sponge or fingertips to blend the dots together. Many makeup artists prefer foundation brushes, but sponges are commonly used. Make sure there are no lines showing near the hairline and jawline.

  6. Set the foundation

    Immediately after the foundation is spread evenly, set it with loose powder.